Still Awake

The problem with waking up so late on a lazy Sunday is being able to count enough sheep to doze off… and it’s gonna be a sleepy Monday tomorrow considering I have to go to the office early due to my coding cut off… it’s gonna be odd to be sleepy after such a long breather…

I guess there are some drawbacks to long holidays like this… more time, means also more time… to spend… to eat… but at least all the rest, the road trips, the family and friends gathering is worth all the cent I spent and pounds I gained (waah… need to shed some pounds…)… End of the happy days and welcome back to those pressure-ridden days…

Anyway, I’m quite ecstatic with the new year… went to Manila early (missed Jingy bear’s visit to Baguio)… Met with She and friends at Serendra (Nice dinner and She I hope you don’t forget to renew your passport so we can have more dinner here… hehe…)… and then attended Charm’s 2nd Birthday (Had a nice time since I did meet some SGV friends I haven’t met for a long time… Charm, hope to see you on your future birthdays)… and had a lazy Sunday to pamper myself (Too pampered to grab some sleep… hehe)… A nice way to wrap up a long vacation…

Well, let me try to will myself to sleep cause it’s past midnight and I’m still Awake… =>


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