Holiday Lag

I’ve only had an hour and a half sleep… Holiday Lag… The time wherein your body clock has not adjust to work mode from the previous vacation mode… It’s a bit difficult to wake up early in the morning when you’ve been used for the past 12 days to wake up when you want to… and the same goes to the sleeping time… a switch in time zone…

Early Monday morning and I just have the trusty Starbucks Cafe Mocha to keep me awake… a lot of things to do… there’s always the desire to start the new year on the right foot… and then again there’s the Franckee McSleepy mentality of half awake Mondays…

A quarter in me wants to say that I’m glad to be back work but I guess the rest is still craving that the holidays don’t end… another case of Holiday Hangover… It’ll be those usual difficult audit times ahead… and then there’s all those funding issues to resolve… so can’t blame me for wanting to revert to holidays…

Reality has to set in… and it’ll sink soon that it’s back to those nerve-wracking stress-ridden days… All part of a days work… =>


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