Road Trippn’ Holiday

When you have a very long vacation you tend to forget which day it is… Finally checked my calenday and it is still December 29… still in the middle of the long holiday…

We’ll been hitting the road real hard the past week… With Christmas in Baguio and back to Manila early morning in December 26… and off to the long road to FAA’s Little Bridge in Taal, Batangas… I guess everybody had the mindset of spending post Christmas in Tagaytay as SLEX was jampacked and you have to wait for two hours just to be able to seat at Josephine’s… Got to Little Brigde at past 5 pm and the resort and the resort is now fully operational…

Next day was drive back home… but not without a stop over at Enchanted Kingdom… Same old enchanted kingdom but the place was jampacked for the holidays… there was snow that was more of bubbles in Brooklyn Area… and did spend some money on souvenirs here… and then we were back home… Southern Road trip over…

Yesterday was the northern part of the road trip with a trip to Subic… NLEX and SCTEX was smooth… Went to Ocean Adventure to watch dolphins and seals show… Not much really though I guess it would be a different feel if it were these dolphin and whales encounter package… After the show… Next stop was Duty Free shops in Subic… and then our way back… Smooth trip except for bottleneck traffic in Balintawak area…

Today was a bit lighter with just a trip to the mall and then it’ll be our trip to Baguio… and then it’s gonna be a different year before I get back to Makati again…

Excess Inkblogs: Just in case you got a who you message from me when sending your new year’s greeting… My motorola V9 is under repair though the good part is that it is still under warranty… =>

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