Good or Bad Christmas???

It’s just days before Christmas and I’m still in the middle of the pendulum which would either be a good or bad Christmas for me… a sudden twist of fate and it’s totally different but those are life enticements… Nerve-wracking moments that at times sucks but on one hand it shows a clear sign that the heart still beats… and at such a fast pace…

It’s been stressful times; but, I’m still in high hopes that all the hard work will pay off… and yet even if the stress level is at an all time high, I still have a childlike personality that takes as much time to enjoy the finer side of life… family… friends… travel… parties… outings…

Come to think of it… The difference between good and bad Christmas is the choices we make… and I choose to have a good time whatever happens… A bit of the Christmas spirit hasn’t entered my system… The times are different but in time, the mood should swing back to those happy days…

The long Christmas break should be something to look forward to… I have now come back to the old tradition of spending the Chirstmas holiday in Baguio even if I would still spend most of the long break in Manila and beyond… The cool gusty northern breeze should usher the spirit in…

So It’ll be a good one… at least by choice… =>


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