Out of the Ordinary

When it’s crunch time, there’s always something that happens out of the ordinary and somehow, make things a bit tougher… Network problems, sick colleagues, typhoons and yes, even coup attempt that happens at the heat of the mad rush… and probably a lot more in between… It’s quite rare for luck to be by my side…

I am crunch time again and as most of the requirements already done and looking forward to finish the major items… wahlah… too full days of erratic network problems… had even to resort to lower tech ways like sending documents via fax for review… and going home early to be able to send emails… I even thought of hanging out in a coffee shop just to get free internet…

And even if I hate to admit it, the problems did make me change my plans, instead of flying off to Cambodia on Monday, I have moved my flight on Wednesday… I did not have the comfort level to leave… there are still some unfinished business… and there’s still a lot to do… I also figured that I would just be burning telephone lines anyway if I go when things are unsettled…

I hope that I can catch up in the next few days and that things out of the ordinary are not in place… and come to think of it, we had to re-route some of the flight for the board meeting due to some situation in Bangkok… Again, out of the ordinary…

But now, I’m going out of my stress hole to party with friends… =>


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