Not Grumpy Monday

I’m not grumpy on a Monday…

Wii Fit Sunday… I finally have my Wii Fit board… Went to Sharon’s place to get the Wii Fit board and glad to see Baby Yuri starting to get plump and 3 year old Yohannce is scared of me (haha… Didn’t know I look scary)… Nonetheles, Yohannce was still very conversant… Had my first WiiFit workout and had a nice lazy afternoon nap… a few more watching catch up TV series and sleep again…

That’s what brought Not Grumpy Monday… I’m finally trying to have my mind set that it’ll be Christmas soon… I have started locating my Christmas CDs for my car… Ok, I’ll update my iTouch soon… Anyway, it’ll be fun… Friends flying in… Friends meeting up after such a long time… A long Family Holiday up Coming… 13th month pay… Bonuses (hopefully)… and of course, a lot of gifts (naah, I’d be surprized if that happens)…

Yeah, it’s gonna be halloween in a few days and I’m off to my home town Baguio and I sure had a reminder a few weeks ago of visiting my dead relatives in the cemetery… Too bad, there’s only a weekend to go home… No declared holidays to extend the weekend…

Still have several major items to do this week…. but a few breathers would do more good than harm… I’m not really the type that sulk deeply in to work… though I have to admit the stress level has been affecting me lately… but I’ll find a way through… There’s always a way… So better get back to finding some ways now… =>


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