Carless Saturday

Carless Saturday started when I brought my car for routine maintenance check at early Saturday morning… breakfast at Max at Shaw… Service was slow considering I was the only customer at that time…

To the office to burn some time off before meeting SGV friends Arlyn and Ruth for lunch… Arlyn begged off on account of a lazy spell at home… Decided to push through with lunch as the thought of being just a passenger for the day was tempting… Lunch at Contis in Serendra and just wasted time at Market Market waiting for my car to be finish… There’s a less number of shops for gifts in the gift market… waaah… Interesting, they do have wall climbing at the top floor and there’s also the massage chair that’s reasonably priced…

Finally had my car back around 5 pm… but we decided it was more economical to maintain one car so I just left my car in my office parking lot… We met Cathy at MOA… had dinner at Pier 1 in the bayside area in MOA… The crew here were not really that friendly (the service was slow, the reaction time was not good and the crew were not even pleasant doing their job)… After dinner, some fireworks, a little bit of rain and a lot of chit chats, we shifted to Starbucks still on the bayside of MOA… coffee and stories… and off to home at almost midnight…

Wait, poker night at Nommu… but I guess, there’s no more energy to boot and it was already a bit late for that… Next time… =>


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