Half Awake

I’m spending my day half awake… or rather barely awake… Early Mondays has never been the best of times for me…

I just realized that major milestones aside, I still have a long hard way to go. I still have a lot to do and a lot more to experience. Been thinking lately of different alternatives to take. Somehow, I’m so used to managing problems and exposures that I’m wondering exciting would it be managing assets and chasing opportunities but with the way the world economy is, I guess smart money goes that for Finance people like me, it’ll be the problems that will keep on coming.

The mystery of tomorrow makes things both interesting and complicated today but at times, tomorrow’s ideas and road blocks are just something to be dealt with tomorrow. Tomorrow depends on how we react today. It’s a dynamic world, the landscape shifts every now and then. The key is reaction.

It’s difficult to be spending the day half awake. I guess that’s where coffee comes in… Anyway, back to real life… wide awake this time. =>


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