Outdoor Wedding for Grace and Poch

The venue was the Historic Barasaoin Church in Bulacan and the occassion was AGSB friends Grace and Poch’s wedding. There’s not really much from AGSB family this time but the simple wedding signified a page in the history books of Grace and Poch – now a happily married couple.

A big chunk of the friends I hang around now were not really common fixtures when I was taking graduate school but there’s some connections that are meant to happen. Grace is one of the closer friends I have now and seeing her happy on this day is really worth the long drive to Bulacan and all the little chore I had to help her as of late. Poch has been one of the nicest people I ever met. At times, a polar opposite of a very bubble Grace but despite that you can see that they are meant for each other. Two good persons ending up with each other.

Simple wedding rites at Barasaoin Church and a lively reception at Northfields clubhouse has left me with one message. Congratulations to Grace and Poch dela Rosa!!!

Excess Inkblogs: I guess the next time, I get to have coffee with Grace, I’ll be having coffee with Mrs. dela Rosa… =>


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