I use to dream that I woke up late and totally missed an appointment whenever I have to do something urgent or have an important meeting… A subconscious call that I don’t want to be late nor miss a key appointment… In real life, this only happened only once… Waking up 11 am for an 8 am meeting… hehe… that was during my audit life… The client was so worried of my health for me missing a key meeting…

Today, it was the other way around… My dream was that I woke up and it was a holiday… End result, woke up real late… hehe… Hmm… Must be a subconscious reminder that I didn’t want to work today… Did sleep late yesterday so must have felt that a little more sleep would do good… Anyway, the important thing is even if I dreamt it was a holiday, I still am at work… Just wish that when it really becomes a holiday, I wouldn’t need to do some work… =>


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