Long Wednesday… but not on the work side this time… hehe…

Started early having early breakfast with AGSB friend Grace at Starbucks… This has been weeks in the making since Grace has been real busy with work… At least, we were able to squeeze it in this time… Nice breakfast…

Had lunch with AGSB friend Alpha at Yellow Cab at People’s Support… Finally was able to give the invite for Grace and Poch’s Wedding this Sunday… Funny how many different alternative easier route I missed going to People’s Support… Nice Lunch…

Had Dinner with SGV Boss FAA and SGV Friends Sharon at Fish Out of Water in GB5… I was surprised how much development in GB5 since the last time I was there… It’s been quite a long time having dinner with FAA and Sharon… Nice Dinner…
By the way, I did work today… hehe… and was able to achieve much within the day – resolving some issues… planning some stuff… finalizing some reports… and meetings…
Well, it was a long Wednesday but it was Fun… Just noticed lately, it seems that on days I meet friends… It has been back to back to back events… That leaves the rest of the days on those boring work – house routine… Nah, not really that boring as there are a lot to do at home as well… =>

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