Pass Ko

As I was in the mall yesterday and as the Christmas tunes started playing… It brought a different reaction… people actually was not listening in glee but more of a sigh of concern that Christmas was fast approaching… wait!!! I’m still in the Philippines where Christmas celebration is the longest in the whole wide world… Somethings do change!!!

But then again, it’s a crazy world out there… US in financial doldrums… China in a tight fix with a bout with melamime… Not to mention some volatility in major commodities… Where does that leave us??? If there’s one thing I learned about Globalization… One event in some place will be felt the world over… and yes, the worst is yet to come for us… but we’re used to living at worst times, I guess that something to smile about for one…

So the craziness will eventually die down… and the mood of celebration sill finally come in… but of course, I’d like to take some time before the festivities roll over (it’s too near my busy season… hehe)… and I do welcome the thought of Christmas, the celebration will come but I’d like to enjoy my remaining days not worrying about the usual yearend audit issues… hehe…

A tougher time makes us want to have a free pass of Christmas but with a weeklong festivities in store come that time… It’s gonna be a blast!!! Something to look forward to… and let the Christmas tunes flow… and in time, the resilience we’re known for would kick in and then there’s gonna be a reason to celebrate… Pass Ko… Not Really!!! =>

Excess Inkblogs: It’s a bit early for me to go for this Christmas blogs… hehe…


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