Early Monday Again…

Not that sleepy nor grumpy early Monday morning… Thanks to a restful weekend and yes, need to recharge my batteries cause it’s gonna be a long week… as always…

Still have to conduct part II of the Medtecs training, this time in Makati office… how to squeeze it in is something I have yet to unravel… but this would be fun… When there’s a wheel, there’s a car… hehe… rather if there’s a will there’s a way…

Audit planning is gonna hit by midweek… I’m not a fan of the audit planning event anymore since we always end up having a hard time come annual report time… brings back bad excruciating memories… Holy week at work in Taipei was not really something to be glad about this year for me and Jing… but let’s stick to the positive… hopefully, something good will turn up… fingers crossed and hopes up high…

Will be in Singapore towards the end of the week to meet some banks… It’s my third trip is SG this year, I think 8th foreign trip this year (the most I have in a year and there’s still a board meeting set in Cambodia come December)… Hay!!! To much of the travel bug as of late… Anyway, back to the fun part… time with SG based friends… Yipee!!! Oops, I haven’t mentioned yet that I’m flying in… hehe…

Well, it’s almost office hours here… so back to work for me… After all, a long week starts on a Monday and the earlier I get to work, the sooner I’ll finish… Ciao!!!


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