I Hate Mondays!!!

Sometimes I think if choosing Monday for my coding cutoff was a right idea… Since Monday is the day you are so vibrant from a weekend rest and raring to start the week… Not Me… I’m always tired and sleepy on a Monday since I have to be in the office before 7 am… then again, most holidays fall on a Monday… hehe… Still the right choice… => The rest of the time, it isn’t a holiday, I hate Mondays!!!

Some crazy thoughts…

If you are not happy, are you sad?
If you are not sad, are you happy?
Or there is some place in between???
The next question is that if you are in between happy and sad, is it the right emotion???

My thoughts…
I guess, it’s all part of life’s compromises as you can’t be 100% happy nor 100% sad… there are always some void of happiness or sadness waiting to be filled… Fair compromise, I assume… It leaves people who are happy with something to aspire for and people who are sad, something to hope for… then there’s always your attitude keeping things in balance…

Long week ahead… it’s nearing year end… and for me, that’s not something I anticipate with excitement… those are gonna be the busy days (though to a lesser extent compared to before)… but of course, I don’t want to worry about that now… that’s something I have to dwell on at some future time… it’s always a day at a time… =>

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