Trip Back Home…

I had my trip back home to Baguio over the weekend. It’s not often I go home anymore but this time I did have my weekend at Baguio.

And it was such a reminder of what I was missing… the weather was chilly cold and the misty white fog was prevalent… Spent Saturday afternoon with cousins in Green Valley… for Air Hockey, Badminton and Bowling… It was fun though it was a bit odd during bowling since we had to do the scoring manual and the lane was a bit out of date… I did have a lousy score… Dunno if it was the lane, or the fact that I haven’t bowled sometime or I may had too much of Wii Bowling… The visit was still a nice exercise at such a foggy ambiance…

Sunday was a lazy day… with too much bumming around at home… and I guess, this would be a nice consolation of not watching UAAP live… Watching it in the living room cramped up in the sofa due to the cold and chilly Baguio weather… and of course, the better part was that Ateneo won another hard fought game against bitter rival La Salle… Had dinner with family at Don Henricos in SM Baguio and the cool climate got highlighted by a strong breeze and slight rain… A reminder of what I really missed about home…

Off back to Makati via the comfort of De Luxe Bus… and then back to the real world again…

Excess Inkblogs: Just a warm birthday greeting to She (Sept. 22) and Arlyn (Sept. 23).


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