Mad Tags

I was in Tagaytay yesterday with Madz, Mark and Mina… It was a long tiring day but really a fun one… It was a nice warm day in Tagaytay (though wasn’t really that cold)… and I guess the charm of the place is you just can hang around and just relax…

Early start at 7 am picking Mark and Mina at Makati and Madz in Paranaque and glad that there’s a bit imporvement in SLEX (South Suffer Highway… a little less… hehe)… Had our breakfast buffet at Josephine’s… yum yum (though I like their lunch buffet much better)… We did have a nice clear Taal view at our table… Nice chit chat and some pics…

We then had coffee and shakes in Bag of Beans and just hang out there… In the afternoon, it was a bit breezy so even if we practically spent hours here, we didn’t get much of the inconvenience of the warm weather… Next in line was a stop at People’s Park where there’s a new feature called Zip Line and Cable Car… looks fun but a bit expensive… so had a little trek here instead…

And we were on our way back… for dinner and videoke at Madz place… Dinner was great… and the singing had a surprizing turn of events (maybe even disturbing… hehe)… I got a nice score with Magic Sing… hehe… which was better than Madz and Mina and just one point less of Mark’s highest score (though Mark had really exhausted his voice just for the score…hehe) … Just for the record, singing is not really my cup of tea… hehe…

Too bad, Madz would be on her way back to St. Maartens… It’s really a nice time waiting to happen when some friends fly of back here for a few weeks of vacation… I guess with my friends spread in the whole wide world… seeing someone back from time to time is always welcome… though it’s also much of treat seeing them in other coutries as I also have to do my fair share of travel also…

And what happens after a long day on a Sunday??? A mad dash to work on Monday just to meet my coding cutoff since it’s really difficult waking up that early after a long fun day like this… hehe… then again, it ‘s all worth it… =>


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