When it Rains, It Pours…

The rain suddenly fell early evening… and it did really pour… Then what happens when it rains so hard, well in this part of the world, it floods… and then there’s the head splitting traffic jam… of course, cars would be jammed if some roads would be flooded… and for me it was a scary experience since all the time, I’m praying that amidst the floods my car would be able to keep on running… and thankfully, I was able to reach home though it did take quite some time due to the traffic jam…

While my car was able to withstand the flooding, I was not as lucky, having a head ache after being drenched by the downpour… though that’s also caused by a busy day… Hopefully, I’ll be fine by tomorrow or while the rain is pouring, it may turn up that the typhoon may intensify and let’s see. by then… =>

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