Home Kong

My visits in Hong Kong has always brought a homey ambience with the warm hospitality of my cousin and her family based there… I’ve been here often that I’ve been to most of the places already… including nearby Macau…

I came at the tail end of the term vacations of my nieces and yes, the tailend also of the sale season in Hong Kong… hehe… anyway, during this trip I just went to Disney on a scorching hot Saturday… was able to catch the parade this time (the last time, it rained… hehe)… had a few rides (I’d still prefer a drive with my City than the autopia ride)… and a few pics with the disney characters (I just realized, it was fun going along those queues for those photo-ops)… and a few souvenirs (expensive… hehe)…

Anyway, been also to outlet shops in Tung Chung and shops in Sheung Wan, Causeway Bay and Central during the trip… More than anything else, it was the breather from a stressful environment that I appreciated the most (though there were some interuptions… as usual)… on a final note, I notice that everytime I am at HK Airport, I always get randomly interviewed by the HK Tourism Board… I wonder what is it in me that attracts attention… I don’t always have the friendliest aura… hehe… but at least, I get those freebies always… =>


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