The best part after every meeting is the week that comes after it… cause after all the pressure-filled moments, there a bit of slack time to enjoy… Today, would probably be the last day of the slackeroo mode I am in… and next week will be a busy week once again…

A time for everything… and yes, even a time to take it easy a bit… I just really can’t be a stress-ridden zombie who works like there’s no tomorrow… Not my style… Then being a Friday is another enticement to take it easy… long weekends coming (or should I say Wiikends)… yehey!!!

I hope to find a bit effort to update some stuff… really want to do something different aside from the regular work routine… a second life perhaps… business, teaching, consulting (need to update my CV), audit (yeah.. I remember, haven’t finalize my BOA)… I guess, I’ve got a lot of small stuff to do… then again, pursuing such alternatives could also mean less travel for me… hmm…. there’s an opportunity cost… Think… Think… Think… =>


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