Interesting, how things seems intertwined… well, spent my Saturday at Warna’s (SGV clustermate and SLU schoolmate) Apartment in Singapore… then was suppose to go to check on the Singapore Sale… then since Che (SLU schoolmate and Warna’s Housemate) was on her way to meet up with some friends… went with her via MRT to City Hall…

On the way, we then realised that she was meeting up with Peps (SGV Partner)… So Peps and MFG were just with me yesterday on the Board meeting… so decided to surprise them and eventually joined in… Also, on the list of people Che was meeting, was Gladys (who turns up to be officemate of my SGV friend Edmond and former cluster mates Wendy, Tere and Shay)… Since MFG was with Peps, MFG joined in who was suppose to meet Mel (SGV batchmate of Jing) and Cheng (SGV Friend of Jing)…

So “Maliit ang mundo” or as Peps says its a small world… I guess we could have factored in a few more people in the equation and we’d still end up some how intertwined… one way or another… so I may try to see more intertwining conbinations here when I come back next week… =>

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