Still sleepy early Monday morning… owing to my coding cutoff… It’s difficult to drag oneself off the bed after a weekend… but I won’t go to the extent to say that I hate Mondays… Not yet anyway…

Work has been smooth… receiving the following compliment from on of the directors

“Allow me to thank both of u and yr teams for sending the financial info early. Many late nites I’m sure.
I’ve noted the improvement. My compliments”

Flattered but on the many late nights not true with my finish-everything-before-6 mentality as of late… Ok, we had one late night… a coffee at Rockwell but I guess, that’s entirely not work related… hehe

Anyway, I’m expecting to be bombarded by sense and senseless queries today and the days to come… Still a bit perturbed that everything has gone on smooth in my expect the unexpected life… then again there’s still a few days for surprises… everything in its due time…

Another thought , don’t think there’ll always be a next time… some disservice can only be tolerated to a certain extent… an action will always have a proportionate reaction… This is my take on the we’ll try better next time email I had over the weekend…

Well back to work before I set a bad example of a disservice myself… blogging at work… Good thing I was early to squeeze out some thoughts out in this blog… =>

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