Calm Before the Storm

It’s a full week before board and I feel uneasy for the weirdest reason… We’re almost done so early… and even the usually chiakulit individuals are on silent mode…

It always seem that something would happen in between… Is it the professional skepticism in play? Or something I got out of experience… it’s tough being able to present and be grilled for something you just summarize and have minimal control of… Fact of life, no matter how much information the accounting department gather, it’s always more of summing up what happens in operation… Of course, along the way… there may value added inputs in between but at the end of the day it is still management call…

A good thing is that I did have a crash course on the various aspect of the business and industry… on the due diligence work with foreign banks… theoretically sound… but the end of the day, the management vision and firmness to the goal should be the key driver…

Anyway, I do look forward not to the trip in Singapore / Malaysia but more on the easier way of life before the much busier time comes by year end… Whatever happens, I’m booked on a Hong Kong vacation end of August… and then there’s more time to think of other passion to pursue… =>


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