Back in SGV… For a Day…

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve been in the confides of my first job, SGV… Occasion was FAA and Ms Dolly’s birthday celebration… It’s been almost five years since the day I left SGV… A lot has happened since… A silver plated MBA… several promotions and additional responsibilities… several travels and escapades… All things happen for a reason and having a solid training base is one of them… Though time may have shifted into overdrive… I guess, there were happy thoughts with colleagues and mentors to look back to…

So much for the reminiscing part… It started from a message from Jay Anne from New York to give a message for FAA and Ms. Dolly (Funny… how the flow of message is PH – NY – PH)… to quick invite from Mathel… to me standing in e-cafe personally delivering my message (I was a surprise guest of some sorts but it turned out I’m a guest that was surprised with me on stage as soon as I came)… I really didn’t know what to say since I talk to FAA regularly with the rest of the former SGVeans… Anyway, I did my piece and started enjoying the night after plucking out Arlyn from her busy work and Rommel dropping by…

There were so many production number, games and messages for FAA and Ms. Dolly from SGV past and present… It’s interesting to see the audit world’s intern, the new staffs, leading the numbers… Lucke me when I was a new staff, I wasn’t required to go through this routine since I’m there most of the time hosting the party… But tonight just glad being part of the audience and seeing something that reminded why SGV was so much fun despite all the sleepless nights and hard work… You’re working with young people…

Time to call it a night… coffee with Arlyn and Rommel at Bo’s and off to home… =>


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