A sequel to my earlier three-kets (which ended up to be four-kets)… Now, I’m going two-kets again… Two out of the country tickets next month… One is work and the other is a short breather…

Ticket 1 is another Board meeting in Singapore Malaysia area which as always, I don’t want to attend… It’s hard to be in the center of it all being grilled on things you have little control… but I guess, it’s all part in a days work… then there’ll always be Singapore based friends to look forward to…

Ticket 2 is a mini vacation in Hong Kong… It’s been two years since my last visit so I hope there has been some interesting changes… though the idea of dropping by Shenzen or Macau has crossed my mind… a good thing though was I was able to book myself at promo rates this morning… and of course, there’ll always be my relatives there…

I’ve been in and out of the country this year (two-kets would be trip 5 & 6 this year) and I guess, the tougher days should always end with a breather… I also need to go home in Baguio more often as I can count the times I was there this year… After all, how can I call it home when I’m just an infrequent visitor as of late… =>

Excess Inkblogs: I’ve been wanting to blog about my hyper efficient everything done by 6 pm mode as of late… and I guess, it keeps a good balance between the pressure packed responsibilities and everything else… Also, I was able to get myself a Rotex Type stationary bike ( don’t need to renew my gym membership…hehe)… Hmm… Now, to find myself a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit set… =>


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2 Responses to Two-kets…

  1. banggigay says:

    ei get the wii! it’s da bomb! it rocks! 🙂

  2. Franc says:

    yeah… I like to buy kaso I’m looking which country I can get the cheapest set… Sold out sya sa US eh…

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