Think… Think… Think…

Too much thinking… I guess I’m guilty of that as of late… I’m so much driven that I may have accessed and reaccessed the different scenario going forward… then again such frame of though has been much stressful on my part…

So had focused my energy to work 8-9 solid hours a day this week and the rest should be slack time to rest to just hang around… A bit tough but I somehow needed the time to take my mind of the pressures and burdens yet to come… Such frame of thought led me to the idea that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, get what you want or not, everything happens for a reason and the important part is that we are able to digest and leave through this experiences…

Now, despite the load at hand, I just would leave by the day and the surprises it may bring… It may not be a surprise I want but it certainly a surprise meant for me… Think… Think… Think… No more… and everything should fall into place in due time… Then all is calm for now… =>


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