Alone in the 1st of July

I’ve been stuck in my room all day… resolving incoming issues… querying transactions in China… reviewing p&l… discussing with appraisers… addressing bank queries and getting information from China, Taiwan, Cambodia and Philippines… and the weird part is that this is just a normal day…

The hardest part was getting information… there’s so much communication gap… language (I should really learn Mandarin)… then there’s technical aspects (I’m working with various departments on this project)… then there’s age (talking to people who’s fit to be my lolo), emotional (people not motivated anymore) and other factor that impairs the communication flow… At that part, I felt alone on how to get all the information needed and on-time…

I guess, everything can be addressed in time and with patience… Didn’t have much patience today so had to resort to time… as in overtime (waah… shelved my plan to go to the gym just to finish work =<)… In hindsight, at least, I can say, I've accomplished a lot today… and that even at my busiest time… I was still able to sneak in a few time talking to some friends and planning badminton (urgent need to de-stress)…

Being the 1st of July, I do hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come this month… Please…


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