Trends and Cycles…

Looking back, my life has been a series of trends and cycles… Ups and down, lefts and rights… Hay Life… When things are on upswing or downturn, it goes on til something breaks the cycle…

Along the way, there were some jinx, I had to shrug off before things went well… or at least to break a trend… Travelling before has been so elusive even foreign trips handed to me somehow woudn’t push through… Until the audit job in Paris in 2003… then came my 4-6 time foreign travel a year…

The trend would then signal another trend… five straight years without a domestic travel… Not for lack of trying but something always came up… I’m just glad that was broken with my Palawan trip last month…

Now, I’m on a mini trend of not being able to attend any recent gathering among my Ateneo friends or meeting any of my Ateneo friends… Again, something always came up… But I hope to break that when I attend MJ and Gina’s bash (Postponed by Typhoon last week)… I just hope something won’t go amiss this time…

Then again, my social circle has been limited lately but I guess, I’m in those boring patch in the cycle… but the good part, I’ve taken significant strides in moving out of the pathetic part of my work cycle (though I hope I find a way to miss the Singapore Board Meeting)… Things should now go upswing… =>


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