Typhoon Me

It’s a lazy Sunday with a Typhoon with my namesake lingering in the country… Typhoon Frank.. It’s been raining non stop and sans with the fact that I’m physically sore from badminton yesterday… it would have been a dull day… but on the better note, it’s nice time to rest, relax and just bum around (somethigng I wanted to do for quite some time)… It had to be a namesake typhoon to keep me a homebuddy at least for part of the day…

The good part of the weekend was being able to sneak in badminton with SGV friends Anna, Arlyn, Rommel, Macoy and Me… Though the time element was a bit amiss with only me and Anna being present at lunch and on time… but I guess, most of us were still able to catch the 3 pm start of the badminton reservation… still rusty from all the time not playing badminton…

Then due to the typhoon, MJ and Gina’s birthday bash was cancelled… which was fine by me since it’ll be more time to rest… and now, just to wish that Typhoon don’t do much more damage… =>


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