Odd Dilemma

It was an odd dilemma this morning … the thought of going or not going to work was wrestling in my mind… I am just not that passionate with work as of late… Thinking if I did something off the habit like miss a day of work for no reason at all… It would break that trend…

It’s not a new feeling… I’ve worked through bouts of lazy spells… I just don’t like the thought of dragging myself up for work… I guess, the most logical explanation was that it was my last time to bum around before the work load for half year sets in… We all need some slack…

Funny thing is that I’m not even stress out to feel this way… Am I entering my anti-social shell again??? I guess, there’ll be time to have the feeling of wanting to take some time off (uninterrupted, this time)… I just hope that I get to have that appetite for work again in time for our half year crunch… I know I will…

Ok, I’m glad I had that off my chest, now back to the real world…


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