I was able to detach myself from work over the weekend… lucky enough to leave my office PC open (automatically downloading my mails… meaning no mobile access for me… hehe)… Finally, was able to catch the chance to go home… It’s been odd that I go out more than I go home to Baguio… Finally, was able to bring home the stuff I brought from Australia…

Took the deluxe bus with my sister to Baguio friday night and the first order of business the next day is to catch some sleep… Funny how I dreamt about the same story as the show running on TV while asleep… In the afternoon, went to Good Shepherd to buy some Ube… then SM… then finally played mini golf with relatives… I placed 2nd, missing the top spot by 1 shot… hehe… but it was a more fun game than a competitive one… Dinner at Don Hen and then back to sleep…
Woke up early the next day to go to strawberry farm to get some strawberries… Not really in season but was still able to get some… then not much really just relax a bit while waiting for our early afternoon trip… and was back in Manila early sunday evening to watch the Hulk (Better than the old one)…
A nice breather and glad that I’m able to catch some break… and again, it’s back to work again… but at the very least, I had been detached for a while to enjoy some time in my hometown… =>

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