Missing Weekends…

It’s just the first day of the week and with the barrage of special kids at the day care (my work has revolve to this low… hehe) … I’m now somehow, missing my weekends… waking up at noon and just bumming around… I guess when you find your week welcomed by impossible demands by seemingly all-high-and-mighty individuals, it makes you wish that you just move on further on the let the weekend roll in…

I’m not one to complain (except probably on this site) but as it appears it isn’t enough to handle three departments at once and on the verge of a funding breakthrough… I now am stuck by an improbable deadline (somehow, I know how to meet it but I am just out of words with the odds stacked up in front of me)… It’s not in me to fail (or at least, I know I’ll always strive at a goal)… but I’m just stuck with the thought that if this be the one time, I won’t deliver…

That’s always a possibility but at the very best, I’d definitely give it a good run… I can’t bear the weight of the responsibility… and somehow, it’s the adversity we face that defines who we are… and I just would like to see it in a positive light that this isn’t the first time, I’m stuck with such odds… and that if tomorrow seems impossible, then there is always such a thing we call… HOPE… Hope that weekends would come so I can now bum around… hehe… =>

Excess Inkblogs: I did have a nice weekend… Rest…. Gym… Kung fu Panda (Moral: It’s cool to be fat!!!)… Narnia (Better than the first one!!!)… Manila Ocean Park (Still needs a lot of improvement!!!)… =>


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