Tired and Weary

I had the impression that this week was light after my Cambodia trip… and sad to say, impression was all it was, as I remained busy as ever… hay… when can I ever have a decent rest??? I never thought that raising funds was such a time consuming and energy reducing activity… but this is the milestone I want to achieve so I’ll have to bear more burden in the next few months…

It just so happened that even at my mad rush mode… there are still amusing personalities that make life a little bit difficult… Kryptonites as Jing calls people who drain much of your energy while working with them… There’s one who goes on a redundant call for attention (In the wave of events, there’s more important things to do than receiving email follow ups every three hours)… Then there are special people who require special attention and the volatility of how they thinks just drive me nuts (then who isn’t going nuts, nowadays)… I guess there are some distortions on what people do and what they should be doing…

I’m obviously, tired and weary… and now I’m stuck with the dilemma of spending a portion of my long weekend in my Hometown Baguio or just spend the rest of the time catching sleep and rest that has evaded me as of late… I guess, I’ll sleep over that idea… Before my mind goes of some place working out various career escape scenarios… I guess rest is the great equalizer… =>

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