Sydney Sum Up

On the question, is which part of the places I visited the most I liked the best… At the onset, I couldn’t give a straight answer… Then what are the choices…
Day 1 Sydney Airport
Day 2 Sydney CBD – St. Mary’s Cathedral, Hyde Park, Queen Victoria Building, Harbor Bridge, The Rocks, Opera House, Darling Harbor, Orbit Lounge…
Day 3 Darling Harbor, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, Sydney Aquarium, Ernst & Young Australia
Day 4 Kiama Blow Hole, Nan Tien Temple, The Beaches and The Rainforests
Day 5 Taronga Zoo and a french restaurant near the beach
Day 6 Featherdale Zoo and Jenolan Caves and Dinner at Manong Manny’s
Day 7 Blue Mountains, Three Sisters and Dinner at Uncle Ben’s
Day 8 Liverpool and Roselands Area
Day 9 Fish Market and Vietnamese Restaurant in Bankstown
Day 10 Bondi Beach and Bryan’s Gig in Houptown Hotel in Surry Hills
Day 11 Canterbury Bulldog Clubhouse and buffet lunch, Sydney and Melbourne airport

Here’s the some items that made Sydney such a wonderful visit…

  • The site I’d like best was the harbor view of the Sydney CBD from ferry rides and the various sites overlooking the harbor. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most distinguished structures in the world but without the harbor view, it would just be ordinary…
  • Petting Koala’s and Feeding Baby Kangaroos was quite an experience. You’re not in Australia ’til you get a glimpse of these two cute creatures… then there’s also other animals that’s so fun to watch like the hyperactive tazmanian devil, the very much fluffy wombat, the very shy platypus and those cute little penguins…
  • Then there’s so many things which can be done outdoors, amidst the laid back culture in the area… Cool and Breezy Blue Mountains with the cable cars and the three sisters… The adventure-ridden treks in Jenolan Caves… The natural wonder of having a blow hole… and of course, the beaches (though this would be more on a summer itenerary)…
  • The best part of the vacation was being with family (and interacting with them after all the ages that has passed)… I had a nice chat with everyone on the various drive along the different attractions as well as the barbecue dinners with both the Ramon and the Estepa side of the Family… Their warm hospitality sure was a great counter for the cool autumn whether…

So after 11 days down under, what else is there to say… A big sincere THANKS from the innermost bottom part of my heart for making sure I had a nice time in Oz… and I would most likely be back sometime in the future… for all the other areas outside of Sydney… =>


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