Marked Man

If my regular work isn’t hard enough, I still have to deal with the “drama” of people around me… It’s tough being on the controls side of the business… You get to step on too many toes and some may have desperate means to get even… I guess I’m a marked man… then… now… and forever… but marked man or not, it’s all part of the job… I have to do what is right…

Sometimes, I hate this job for all the people that makes it so difficult… anyway, all part of the training… I’m still a milestone short before I can go on a soul searching mission on what to explore… but I’m getting there and it’s gonna be soon… but I guess, it’s the spices that make life a bit exciting… I just feel I’m eating a red hot bowl of chili in my case… too spicy… hehe…

Well, the good part is that it’s summer time and it means vacation time… and so that should be my ultimate mindset… and so I say, to any of their devious schemes… for all I care…

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