Which Do I Hate More???

After all this time, I finally saw an advantage of having multiple function… I get to have the advantage to choose which of my function do I hate more… hehe… On a more serious note, if I start hating what I’m doing, I can always choose to do another function…

There’s the accounting part… Challenging, Complex and yet having to deal with the different quirks of the external auditors… I guess, I have a different perspective now about my former life from what I use to appreciate… and this is the function where I get grilled by the Board on the financials…

Finance part… sourcing funds, meeting banks, plant tours… Exciting and really nice to be able to apply some marketing and interpersonal skills… and the drawback, the pressure to raise funds is quite intense and of course, you get to deal with so many queries…

Treasury… Up to now, I’m still wondering how come I’m involved in this function as it is a thankless job, enemies develop when you implement controls… then there’s allocating limited resources… but a learning experience I value…

But the bittersweet part of it is that aside from the 3 major functions above, there’s so many admin jobs in between… It seems that I am probably using everything I’ve learned in the various disciplines in MBA… haay!!!1

So my little bit complicated life has gone a lot more complicated by the minute… but I guess I’ll have to dwell on this little bit stressful life…. I’m missing my stress ball today… Come to think of it, most of my friends have their simple life to the next level so little less time to enjoy… but I guess, there’s always a quality life we can squeeze in a stress-ridden life… It’s just a matter of working hard and playing hard… =>

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