Heat Wave Again

It’s been my second day of not having a long peaceful sleep because of the hot summer nights in Manila… Even with my aircon on, it still seems so difficult to have a nice cool temperature to accompany me at bedtime…

It’s summer here and the beach has been an excellent idea… Have several getaway PLANS with both SGV and AGSB friends… but PLANS in all caps means not yet finalize… SGV friends, we still have to finalize our bookings… AGSB friends… we still have to find a common date (4 replies with all different dates…)

Anyway, I’m home bound to Baguio for the weekend (unless another lazy spell attacks similar to last week)… It’ll be my Dad’s 14th year death anniversary and we’ll take the next day on a small resort in La Union… I really don’t want to waste much weekends during summer time…

Then there’s travel… AGM in Singapore (though a big part of me want to miss it completely… why??? Every time I see the minutes of meetings, I’m always the one grilled on the financials, controls and everything in between…) Though I guess I just have to enjoy the company of friends there… I have another travel alternative on May for vacation this time but I still have to finalize that…

And then the news that La Nina is about to hit town, makes me want to maximize my weekends while I still can… A rainy day summer is not a good summer for travel and the beach… So much have been said about the next few weeks but as for now, I’m off to another plant tour in Bataan… =>


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