The Great Big Chase…

A long day today with a plant visit to Bataan and Subic with Jing and Ms. Del and the Bankers… Incidentally, the CEO was also in town also bound for the same location but at a little bit different time.. It seemed like a game of hide and seek and a great big chase given our head start… It’s not really that we are hiding from the CEO for anything else but it seemed cool playing cat and mouse with the big boss…

I did expect a long day with us visiting dual plant locations and all the presentations and discussions… I think I could easily shift now into production and marketing as handling the routine tours have me knowing more of the Group’s operations… Maybe Jing can handle accounting on her own… A productive meeting…

And about the great big chase… from Bataan we went to Subic as our CEO was in Bataan… and logistically impossible to catch up but then technology has to take its toll with a phone call to deal with the some accounting issues… so ended up going back to the office to resolve the issue and to answer some bankers queries…

And it did appear like a big chase in the road with our driver being overly aggressive, which made the trip back and forth suspense filled… and then there’s what you call regular Friday traffic… but at the end of the day, it’s just nice to accomplish stuff… after a long day comes a long rest… but then again I have an early morning meeting to dwell with… so then can I have my long weekend rest… =>


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