Impersonal Franc

I am surprised to get reacquainted with my impersonal side coming from a conversation this morning… I know it’s an over reaction but there was that tinge of hesitation from the other end on a minor favor… that made me alienate myself from a comforting presence for the rest of the day…

Nothing aimed at someone but myself… Cold Franc turns to do-it-all and don’t seek help… That’s my worry with Impersonal Franc… a little bit out of this world and on his own…

The tough times that came probably has taken most of my patience and my tolerance but no excuses… I’m still just a human being entitled to react and over react at times but on a good part, there’ll always be a part of me that’s warm, carefree and fully alive… and that’s about 99% of me and for the 1% I’ll let him have his time of day… but I’ll have to say goodbye to Impersonal Franc shortly… No matter how impersonal I react, it’s the warm accommodating presence that defines who I am… =>


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