Hostage for the Day

It’s been a trend that towards the end of the day, something comes up to make me stay after office hours… and today was no different… In fact, I felt like a hostage, unable to leave until everything is ok… Today, was much more of a burden to bear as I intended to leave the office early to avoid traffic going to Anton’s Birthday and the eventual output was not solely on my hands… so part of the task was a long wait for other parties to finish their part…
Well, I now have a simple solution to avoid situation like this… decentralize button on… protection bubble off… People should realize that there are still other resources to utilize than yours truly… That’s something I have to work on… The traffic contributed in dampening my mood… and I guess even the precious moments with friends are still not enough to turn things around…
Anyway, I just have to rest on the comfort that no matter how worst the traffic or the day was… it’s still nice to be in the comfort of friends though I was not my usual jolly self tonight… A nice dinner at Ha Yuan in Timog and Shooters Night at Cig with Ateneo friends (Anton, Mascy, Jan, Bogz, Cig, Owen, Lindsay, Rocky, Steve and Ronan) was a good diversion to an Annual Report that hadso much surprises that came along the way…
I just stayed for shooters night ’till 12 midnight as I guess sleep is also a great equalizer and once I get up tomorrow, It’ll be a new day and I have the whole weekend to compensate for all the surprises that ended this day… =>

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