Wishful Thinking

After 12 days in Taipei, I’m glad to be back in the Philippines… I’m not one to drool for those long out of the country sojourns… a few additional immigration stamps in my passport should be enough… I’m still emotionally attached to my carefree and uplifting life here…

Last week was a bittersweet pill to swallow… which leaves one to think if all the fun we had touring the place was worth all the used up energy… pent up anger and unwanted pressures… To think the difficulties encountered in the annual report has been on my shoulder for several years now… Makes me think to switching to finance as I’m more drawn to finance related problems than the ever changing world of accouning… but that’s just wishful thinking at this point in time…

And on the switching mode, I guess it’s time to turn the switch to vacation mode… as I plan to take it easy for the next few months into summer time… Easy time aside, I guess, it’s also time to reassess the what, where, when, how and why on things to do going forward… Nothing drastic or cryptic meant just a mere pause to appreciate that despite the tough few months with so much annoyances, I’m still standing firm in one piece… and then I have a simple rule to follow… No annoying people within 3o feet… but then again, rules like that are just wishful thinking. =>


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