From Gloom to Bloom

Much have reversed from being numb last Friday after an impromptu meeting with our chairman on the remaining annual report issues… and a little while later, everything is now resolved and take a chance at the little window we got to finish the Annual Report… plus we get to have several days-off in lieu of working at the peak of the holy week….

So even at diminished energy, Jing and I are now back to our vacation mode and took advantage of an election in Taipei to be able to go to the newest attraction which is the Maokong Gondolo (cable car) without the long queues… My take on the Gondola… The last point of the Gondola is Maokong and it has several tea shops and plantation… so it’s a haven for tea lovers (I’m more of a coffee person)… In the middle of the cable car ride is the Zhinan Temple which is a larger version of Baguio’s Bell Church and Cebu’s Taoist Temple… The thrill of the long cable car ride is worth the wait and the cost is not that high… though we did have are occasional wrong turn on our way to the different locations with the lack of the English signage…

Next stop was the Botanical Garden, which is conveniently located in the Chang Kai Shek area… and has a nice serene backdrop filled with different types of plants, ponds and there’s so many squirrel just playing around the area… It’s always a welcome visit to be in touch with nature… and since we were in the area, we also went to the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall to buy some souvenirs and have a few snapshots in the place…

After a whole day going around, we decided to have a few hours rest in the hotel around 6 pm before going back to the night market… since we’re low on energy, we just decided to go to the night market beside our hotel instead of the larger night market in Shilin… Even if we don’t understand each other, we still were able to bargain thanks to the wonder of calculator (hehe… use your imagination…=>)

It’s now time to rest again cause tomorrow is still another day… ZZZZZZZZZZZ


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