The Next Point After Giving Up is Being Numb

In the more serious part of the trip, we’re stuck in the depressing… an unfinished annual report left hanging by the holy week… so what’s worst in being stuck away from home working during the peak of the holidays is that you get your energy drained by people talking in riddles who just can’t seem to make a position on what to do with their proposal… Intolerable Cruelty at its finest…

Anyway, the first to draw my energy was the blown out of proportion issue on who to edit the financials, which should have been resolved easily and peacefully had someone not interceded to force his point… then there’s the on and off discussion again on audit issues that never seems to be resolved (or decided upon)… Our deadline just died and since I’m way past giving up, I just feel numb already… I guess, I should rename our annual report to our annual torture due to lack of cooperation from counterparties…

Yesterday, we were on zero energy… no energy to complain… no energy to get angry… and after going back from the printers office… Jing and I slumped to our respective rooms to sleep of our frustration on the unfinished annual report… Now, we’re stuck on how to finish the annual report before we live Taipei with so little energy and resources left… I used to label my annual report experience as a lesson in crisis management but I guess this time, it should be anger management…

I used to end my gloomy blogs with a glimmer of hope but this time, I won’t… I still am numb from the annoyance certain people have made… =<

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