TamZoo 101

Though we haven’t really started much except to structure the Annual Report and ensure that every portion has been submitted, I’ll still claim that between break from our Annual Report load, we went to Taipei 101, Taipei Zoo (We missed the Maokong Gondola… a new attraction here due to the long queue… next weekend)… and Tamshui…

Been to Taipei 101 several times already but since this is Jing’s first time in Taiwan (me… I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve been in Taiwan)… I play my usual role of tour guide… so up to the tallest skyscraper again… We went evening yesterday to take a peak at the night sky via the 91st floor of Taipei 101… It’s a different peak this time since in the past, I use to go during the day… and the cold breeze in the top of the tower was a welcome change with a overhead view of the city at night…

Today, we went to Taipei Zoo, which was such a big Zoo… Of course, it’s my nth visit to the Zoo though it was nice to have go here once in a while… The Maokong Gondola was the new attraction at this part but the queue was so long so we had to rescehdule on that part so we had to settle with the Zoo… Anyway, just noticed that the problem with a big zoo is that it takes you more time looking for the animal…

After the zoo, we then proceeded to Tamshui, which was on the opposite side of the map in Taipei but thanks to an efficient MRT system, it’s still so easy to reach… There’s so many people here… Tamshui is similar to our baywalk in the Philippines… We then proceeded to Fisherman’s wharf, which is more of a gimmick place in the middle of the sea… Mystical and serene… that’s the charm of the place… After we were back in the port in Tamshui, we had a nice cup of coffee and mapple cinnamon roll in Starbucks…

And then we’re on our way home… Nice warm jacuzzi bath to rest my weary body… and a little bit of blogging and sleep to follow…

Pics are at multiply.


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