Too Much Multi Tasking is Bad for your Health

Work Load has shifted from bad to worst… Of course, the regular finance, accounting and treasury stuff does not seem to be enough… and as an accomodation to our auditors, I’m playing travel agent since I have to coordinate with our Chinese colleagues as well…

And despite having numerous meetings with banks… consultations from Jing and treasury… a finance info memo to rush…. the largest part of my headache is the booking for our SGV auditors… 1) It’s peak season now that holy week is fast approaching… 2) they were already late in filing their visa… 3) Their requested route is 3x more expensive than the regular route… (tsk tsk… that didn’t bode well with treasury department…) 4) I’m also running out of time in finishing my to dos before leaving for Taipei this Friday…

Lesson learned… It’s not always good to be nice… I could have just focused on my to dos and let them do the coordination… maybe next time I will… so tomorrow, I’m just gonna send their bookings to our China colleagues and that’s all I can do for them tomorrow… No more, no less… The rest, I have to finish all my to dos…

On the good side of the day, I did have a nice dinner with FAA and Rommel at Gerry’s Grill… Wow Crispy Pata (Mel’s fave…) I think that should be the final piece of my birthday treat… and then time to face my hectic life… but the sun is set to shine and the travel and escapades are set to begin… The good life is coming soon…. =>


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