My Good Earth Birthday Salubong Year 2

For the second straight year, I’ve welcomed my birthday in Good Earth Rockwell with Ateneo Friends… Main reason… AGSB Friends come in pack (Steve, Blue, Eunice, Stephen, Ronan, Jan, Cig, Grace, Poch, Gina, Anton, Rocky, Bogz, Paulo, Jay, Owen and Lindsay) and since we’ve all been busy, a nice dinner chit chat is just what the doctor ordered for the occasion…
Party started at 9… it’s a nice feeling seeing friends having such a wonderful time and such wonderful time meant we have to move the Nommu visit a little bit longer… (Sorry Mascy for the delay…. and the confusion on the different venue…)… a little bit longer meant a few of us reaching Nommu in QC at past 2 am… Jay, Rocky, Anton and me met up with Mascy in Nommu for more food and drinks… and I was home past 3 am…
It was a nice fun night really (I missed saying that for a while) and from the deepest corner of my heart, I wish to thank those who came on my birthday salubong and those who sent their messages for my birthday… I really had a great time!!! =>



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