My Birthday with the FAA Babies

March 9… in another version of my birthday celebration… celebrated my birthday with my fellow FAA Baby in SGV (Anna, Ruth, Cath, Sharon with Yohannce and Carol with Jason) at Cafe Breton in Mall of Asia, 2pm onwards… then there’s still those who sent text greetings… lots of thanks…

My birthday started late with me having to wake up late after a very long and fun birthday salubong with AGSB friends the day before… I did have a good sleep with me accidentally switching my mobile on silent so by the time I woke up I already had accumulated so much greetings… so that means I would have more energy to spend with my SGV friends…

Picked Anna and Ruth at GB3 on my way to MOA… then came Cathy… Carol, Jason, Sharon and Yohannce… Getting together FAA Babies in a single place is quire a chore as we’re all have made our stride on our respective careers after SGV… I really appreciate spending time with you today…

Nice time to chit chat and plan some possible outings this summer time… and the food and ambience at Cafe Breton was great… and time just flew by so fast… and on our way back… we noticed that so much has changed in MOA already but I guess we can check on the new attraction at a future time… as we’re now on our way home and I have to catch up for the mass near home…

Anyway, I know it’s already overused but thanks for all those who remembered… =>



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