Will I Survive???

It’s less than 3 days before my birthday and even if I’m looking forward to meeting up some friends during the weekend, I’m just too tied up with so many things that I just can’t seem to look forward a few days wait…There are three things that I probably don’t want to hear in the next few days or else I may go whacko…

1) It’s not my job… I guess if your in the higher up on the corporate ladder, I don’t think you have this luxury… though it’s more annoying hearing this from people who’s job title is so obvious to own the responsibility…
2) I’m too busy to do that… I find it insensitive to say that since for one, almost everybody is suppose to be busy at work… that’s why it’s called work… I do remember that I have one mini shirt years back that says “overworking, my alibi for not working.” Nice alibi…
3) I’m underpaid to do the job… There are proper channels and time for concerns like this… One simple equation… make sure you contribute more than you are paid and the rest should follow… if not here then some place else… I do have some people in mind who deserves a decent increase…

A bit cranky lately… stuck with so many must dos (not just to dos)… Annual Report – over hundred pages of hard work to go… Finance – a major presentation this weekend and bank queries to address… Treasury – so much funding requirements… Accounting – Two months to catch up… Audit… several clients in progress… Other matters – several items to push… and then my trusty stress ball is too stressed out as well… So tell me… Will I survive???

Excess Inkblogs: There’s always tomorrow thereafter and a few more tomorrow, It’ll be a celebration… and going through dire times makes you appreciate life’s various celebration… though I do hope Crancky Franckee won’t be around to bother me cause no matter how hard things are, I’m definitely welcoming an older, smarter and happier me…


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