Yahoo Account Recovered

After reporting that to yahoo security that my account was hacked for the nth time… I finally was able to get a new password for the old yahoo account after all the verification process… since my previous security information was altered we have to go back to information I furnished yahoo back then… and that was over 10 years ago… now I have my account recovered…

Checking on the security information, the hacker changed my name in my account info to maria lurdes, which I’m not sure if its the name of the hacker or just a name used as an alias… I changed all the security information and password… and hopefully, he or probably a she with the name registered in my yahoo account… would not be able to bother my contacts anymore…

I was able to intercept one request of prepaid cards by the hacker… and fortunately, the one led to believe that I was in need of load would be unable to give it until Saturday and hopefully an end to the hacker’s vicious cycle of extorting money…

Now, I’m stuck on the idea of what to do with the old account… of course, based on nostalgia, it’s been a part of me for such a long time… but since the account has been hacked… it’s been bad news after bad news… and at least, I’m stuck with the idea that somehow, my contacts are much safer from the hacker than before… though still I’m asking friends to be more cautious on friends soliciting help via YM. =>


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