Off line…

Off line… that’s how its been for most of yesterday and today… with network problem at the office… and me unable to connect thru DSL at home… It’s rather quite difficult for me working without the net… not that I need it but being used to multi tasking… focusing on simply just one task seem foreign to me…

Even if I’m stuck in my myriads of to dos today… I’m squeezing one blog while the network is up…. and then the other cause of it is that, I want to blow off some steam… I’m likewise in a middle of a not so good day with a barrage of email from our CEO on a funding activity… It’s just that we’re just not in the same frame of thought and perspective and again, I’m still not used to all this attention… I used to work comfortably behind shadows and yet now I’m exposed…

A lot of what happened in the past few months gave me a new perspective… living by the day…
I’m used to attack life on a long-term perspective but I guess I just want to take on my worries a day at a time… or even an hour at a time… I guess my life would be better of this way, tomorrow’s problem is tomorrow’s worry… but I better get back today… I hope I can find some way to make it better… but if not, then I’ll just make the most out of it… I’ll get used to this attention… soon… and that’s what I call wishful thinking…

Come to think of it, if things remained off line, then I probably would have a better day today… no emails… hehe… =>


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