No Monday Blogs This Time…

I usually post a new blog early Monday morning since it coincides with my coding cutoff… but today, I guess I was too tied up with meeting after meeting after meeting… then phone calls after phone calls after phone calls… though I did expect that this would be how my Monday would turnout… after receiving an SMS from our CEO on his several queries with regards to finance and accounting at 10 pm yesterday (scary now that the CEO is texting me directly)…

As soon as I woke up… I know it wouldn’t be a good day… though its more of a mixed of events with highs and lows… some things went my way and some things didn’t… that’s just the way the cookie crumbles but I guess you can’t win them all… but at least, I feel good that even in my simple ways I managed to do something that did benefit a lot of people… Then there’s some light in the problems I’ve been carrying for weeks… though just a glimmer of hope… I’d take it any day…

Then again… there’s new sets of problems to resolve… and as I still say, it’s still a long and bumpy road ahead… I just can safely say that everything is fine, months from now, where I’d have my vacation mode in full stream but that day will come… It would be nice to count milestones, one step at a time… It’s one thing to have a vision of the future but it’s a wise move to stop… reassess… and count your blessings from time to time… There’s a time for everything and slowing down, gives as time to appreciate some of the victories earned… small as it is… it goes a long way…

It’s now early evening… and as things are… though there’s a bumpy road ahead… there’s always a will to get past it… and I hope that there will always be a spare tire in the trunk… and come to think of it, worse comes to worst, I can always walk or ask for a lift… =>


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